7 Best Zero Waste Hair Brushes You’ll Love Using

Eliminating all plastic from your daily self-care routine can be daunting. Fortunately, the waste-free movement kicked off a sustainability revolution in the hair care industry. In fact, there are more zero waste hair brush options on the market than you might think.

From paddle brushes to FSC certified combs, you’ll have plenty of choice when making this zero waste bathroom swap.

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What to Look for in a Zero Waste Hair Brush

Wooden zero waste comb in front of glass jars of oil and rolled towels.

It goes without saying that the number one substance you’re trying to avoid in a zero waste hairbrush is plastic. Sadly, because plastic hair brushes are made with multiple materials (for example, a plastic body but with horsehair bristles or similar) they cannot be recycled.

The best eco friendly hair brushes are made from fully organic, biodegradable or already recycled materials. Bamboo, beechwood, plant fibres and other sustainably sourced products are the key ingredients for a well-made plastic free hair brush.

If the bristles of your brush are embedded in a soft substance, make sure to check that it’s natural rubber and not plastic or another non-environmentally friendly material.

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Best Zero Waste Hair Brushes

My Top Pick: TEK Ash Wood Brush

Close up of wooden zero waste hair brush on canvas bag next to green vine.

When it comes to plastic free hair brushes, TEK’s Ash Wood brushes are the standout choice.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with using wooden brush. I have thick, wavy, slightly curly hair, and I was afraid the pins would break or get snagged in my strands.

Once I started using the TEK oval brush, however, my fears melted away.

The pure rubber pad and hornbeam pins are surprisingly flexible. And unlike nylon or boar bristle, the wood pins don’t produce static when you brush.

There’s an innovative technique built into the design here–what looks like a missing pin is actually a deliberate choice by the creators.

Leaving a space allows the pure natural rubber base for the wooden bristles to breathe. This prevents moisture from being trapped in the brush, and provides a better and more natural massage to the scalp while brushing.

In terms of sustainability and craftsmanship, TEK is a clear winner.

The brushes are handcrafted in Italy using 100% FSC certified wood and pure rubber, and the whole product is vegan. TEK is also a Certified B Corp.

Plus, the brushes come with a natural linen storage bag for extra protection in your drawer or travel bag. Everything ships in recyclable packaging as well.

Redecker Handcrafted Vegan Hair Brush

Isolated image of redecker wooden handcrafted vegan hair brush.

The Redecker company has been making environmentally conscious household products since 1935. Their classic plastic free hair brush is 100% vegan, with a beechwood handle, plant fibre bristles and no animal products whatsoever.

It also can withstand the high heat from a hair dryer without the bristles losing any of their shape, so there’s no need to have an alternative brush for when you need to blow dry your hair. Plus, the bristles will still retain strength and shape over time, even after months of regular use.

This zero waste hair brush also comes in fully recycled (and recyclable) plastic free packaging as well, for an extra eco friendly bonus point.

Bass The Green Brush

There are two aspects that make Bass’ Green Brush possibly the best bamboo hair brush.

The first is the ergonomic S-shaped design, which makes the repetitive motion of hair brushing feel a lot easier on your hand and your wrist. The second is the wooden bristles, which are wide spaced for gently teasing out the tangles in thick or long hair without causing any breakages.

Because the bristles themselves are made from wood, there’s less static than you would get from a plastic hair brush. If you happen to be feeling stressed, it gives you a good head massage as well.

Also, its 100% bamboo wood design makes it lightweight yet durable, so this zero waste hairbrush is a perfect addition to your zero waste travel kit.

Eco Emerald Natural Bamboo Hairbrush & Comb

Another contender for the best bamboo hair brush award. Eco Emerald’s hair brush and comb are 100% biodegradable and 100% vegan, making them both excellent additions to anyone’s zero waste lifestyle.

When brushing your hair, the gentle wooden pins of this zero waste hair brush don’t create static or make your hair frizz up when you don’t want it to. Also, because the bristle base is made with cushioned and ventilated natural rubber, it means that this brush is as much of a head massager as it is a hair brush.

It’s a good thing that this hairbrush is very durable, as you’ll want to be feeling the stress relief that this brush brings every day.

Breezelike Sandalwood Hair Brush

The first thing you’ll notice about Breezelike’s zero waste hair brush when you open the packaging is the scent.

The brush itself is made from green fragrant sandalwood, which is believed to have calming and healing properties. Indeed, it is true that the natural sandalwood aroma clams nerves and helps to relieve stress while you brush your hair. Green sandalwood also naturally retains this fragrance for years, even decades in some cases.

Like many of the best eco friendly hair brushes, the natural insulation of the wooden bristles greatly reduces static. The bodies of Breezelike hair brushes are made with Chinese traditional handicrafts, and you’ll receive a great massaging sensation on your scalp as you brush your hair.

Desert Breeze Pure Calcutta Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Desert Breeze’s brush is made with natural wild boar bristles, which are folded into the wooden base of the brush without the use of glue. The handle is carved from naturally dark pear wood harvested in Germany, where the brushes are crafted by a family-owned shop that’s been making hair brushes for over one hundred years.

Quality is high on the priority list here, even down to the hair for the bristles provided by the wild boars, due to them being reared in a rugged climate so that their hairs are thicker and more full.

The engraved butterfly design–added once the brushes have made their way from Germany to Idaho, USA–is also a very nice touch, and makes this one of the most aesthetically pleasing zero waste hair brush choices on this list.

BFWood Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush

If you’ve struggled to find best bamboo hair brush for you, the BFWood Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush is a very safe bet. It’s designed to cover all the bases when it comes to brushing, and it works well on both thin and thick hair.

Both the main body and the bristles are made from durable natural bamboo. This means that the whole product is very sturdy, but it still provides a very comfortable brushing experience due to the smoothness of the bristles.

Also, because the bristles don’t contain any chemical additives, they move the hair’s own natural oils around your head more efficiently, which can improve the feel and volume of your hair without having to put any gel or spray into it.

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