Chelsea Lambert, owner of Low Impact Love, next to husband with trees in background

Hello, I’m Chelsea.

And I believe we can create a greener future without sacrificing the things we love (even if that thing is cheese). Join me on the quest to find joy in sustainable living. I promise we’ll have fun along the way!

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From zero waste kitchen products to decluttering checklists, how will you create your ideal simple & sustainable lifestyle?

Low Impact Living: An Introduction

Learn what it means to live a low impact lifestyle, along with some easy tips to get started.

Woman shopping for sustainable living products including toothbrushes and straws

Zero Waste Swaps for Beginners

Banish single-use plastics from your home with this guide to zero waste products.

What Does it Mean to Live Simply?

Discover what the simple living movement is all about–and what’s it’s not.

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