White coffee cup and saucer with freshly brewed zero waste coffee, sitting next to metal espresso maker on countertop.

Zero Waste Coffee: How to Brew Sustainably

Most of us need coffee to get through the day. Do mornings even exist before coffee? But whether you’re a homebrew master or a breakroom coffee drinker, we need to talk about how to incorporate zero waste coffee into our lifestyle.

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Hands washing white dinner plate with best zero waste dish soap and bamboo scrubber

Best Zero Waste Dish Soap: 7 Eco-Friendly Brands to Buy

Tired of tossing soap bottles in the bin and praying they actually get recycled? Switching to zero waste dish soap is a big step towards banishing single-use plastic from your kitchen. And plastic isn’t the only thing you’ll be rid of–big brand dish soaps contain a number of nasty additives and toxic chemicals. From skin …

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15 Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps to Make This Year

Floss, cotton buds, makeup sponges… We create a surprising amount of waste during our self-care routines. And that’s why creating a zero waste bathroom is a great place to start on your sustainability journey.

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31 Zero Waste Swaps for a Sustainable Life

One of the hardest things about living sustainably is managing expectations. We see people who fit a year’s worth of trash in a jar and think, “by the end of the year, that will be me!”. In reality, that impressive result takes years of work implementing dozens of zero waste swaps.

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