Table displaying the best sustainable wallets made from cork, with various decorative patterns.

10 Best Sustainable Wallets Designed to Last

When it comes to eco-friendly purchases, the place where you keep your money is probably the last thing on your mind. But switching to sustainable wallets–ones made with cruelty-free, renewable materials–is both stylish and sensible.

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Eco friendly notebook open on white table, surrounded by binder clips and star anise

10 Best Eco Friendly Notebooks of 2022

Confession time: I have a mild obsession with eco friendly notebooks. I have them in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from a floral print hardcover to write down inspirational simple living quotes, to a pocket-sized book for groceries and to-do lists. In an increasingly online world, it’s nice to have something in my everyday life …

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How to Stop Shopping for Clothes You Don’t Need

Knowing how to stop shopping for clothes is incredibly freeing. As a former Stitch Fix addict, I’m all too familiar with the thrill of adding new pieces to my wardrobe. But the cost of buying too many clothes goes beyond the number on the price tag.

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