With much of the world staying at home, slow fashion is having a moment.

What is slow fashion?


Slow fashion advocates for sustainable production and purchasing of clothing.

It's the opposite of fast fashion, which uses cheap labor and materials to mass-produce garments.

The slow fashion movement is all about making and buying clothes sustainably and ethically.

Here are 3 slow fashion trends to watch out for in 2021.


Thrift Flipping

The thrift-flipping trend has exploded on TikTok. Tailoring thrift store finds into something new is the latest way to upcycle.


Online Consignment

Get paid to give clothes a second life. Apps like Vinted and ThredUp make it easy to buy and sell secondhand clothing without leaving home.


Normalized Re-wearing

The "work uniform" is here to stay. Wearing the same outfits for work each week has become the new normal.

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