Wood screen and green wall with text about benefits of simplifying your life

9 Surprising Benefits of Simplifying Your Life

Fun fact: the benefits of simplifying your life go way beyond reducing stress. As it turns out, nearly every aspect of daily life improves when we focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t!

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Low impact cooking with avocado, basil, bread, and soup

Cut Down on Meat Consumption With These Clever Tricks

It’s no secret that our current meat-eating habits aren’t sustainable. From inhumane factory farms to increased carbon emissions, more and more people are realizing that eating less meat is a necessary life change. But if you haven’t figured out how to cut down on meat consumption for good, you’re not alone!

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Flatlay of wood, glass, and steel low impact lifestyle kitchen products

11 Low Impact Lifestyle Habits You Can Start Today

Embracing a low impact lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for the planet. But if you’re just getting started with sustainable living, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to do “all the things”.

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Flatlay of low impact living products - white tote bag, wood cutlery, reusable bottle

Low Impact Living: A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainability

Our planet has been in trouble for a long time. After two decades of dire warnings about climate change and overflowing landfills, you’d think low impact living would be the new normal by now. Unfortunately, our global response to the environmental crisis has been woefully inadequate.

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