Jar of zero waste toothpaste tablets next to bamboo toothbrushes.

9 Best Zero Waste Toothpaste Options to Try This Year

At least 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are discarded globally every year. That’s a lot of landfill space! Making the change from regular toothpaste to a zero waste toothpaste alternative is a great way to reduce both your carbon footprint and your global landfill contribution.

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Pink couch, white lamp, and wood table arranged using principles of minimalism for beginners.

Minimalism for Beginners: 10 Tips for Success

There are few things in life as daunting as becoming a minimalist. In a society that values shiny new objects, full schedules, and productivity above all else, it’s hard to go against the grain. But we all have to start somewhere, and this primer on minimalism for beginners will give you the tools you need to succeed.

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White table with flowers, glass cup, and zero waste tea container.

Zero Waste Tea: Best Brands And Brew Methods

Since moving to the UK, I’ve developed quite the fondness for a good cup of tea. As a newcomer, I assumed that as long as the packaging was recyclable or biodegradable, every tea was zero waste tea. Boy, was I wrong!

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Flat lay of products for zero waste living, including wooden hair brush, bamboo toothbrushes, linen bag, and mason jar.

Zero Waste Living: What You Need to Know

If you think zero waste living is only for people who fit a year’s worth of trash in a mason jar, you’d be forgiven. The media loves to share these incredible feats of sustainability. But in reality, living zero waste is all about small changes that add up to a big impact.

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Woman walking along rugged lake shore using eco friendly travel tips to avoid damaging wildlife.

11 Eco Friendly Travel Tips Anyone Can Use

Let’s be honest–every trip we take adds to our carbon footprint. And for those of us trying to live a low impact life, that can cause a lot of stress. But with the help of these eco friendly travel tips, you can explore the world more sustainably. I love to travel. In fact, it’s a …

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17 Best Sustainable Kitchen Products You’ll Love Using

Think about how much of your life is spent in the kitchen. Between cooking, eating, and cleaning, there are plenty of opportunities to lower your carbon footprint. And with the help of the best sustainable kitchen products, you’ll be well on your way to creating less waste.

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Zero Waste Travel Kit: 19 Essentials to Pack

As someone who travels frequently for work, I’m always looking for ways to offset my carbon footprint. And one of the most impactful changes I made to my packing routine was creating a zero waste travel kit.

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Backs of two women at pool wearing zero waste sunscreen applied with letters UV and sun pattern.

10 Best Zero Waste Sunscreen Brands for Safe Skin

When you picture a leisurely day at the beach, that vision probably includes a plastic bottle of sunblock. I know the concept of zero waste sunscreen never occurred to me until I learned more about sustainable travel. Luckily, the eco friendly sunblock trend is gaining steam. Aside from plastic pollution, most traditional sunscreens are packed …

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10 Best Eco Friendly Backpacks for Every Occasion

Eco friendly backpacks are quickly becoming the go-to accessory for travelers, students, and commuters alike. Whether you’re nomading across Europe or hauling your laptop across campus, a sustainable backpack will carry your stuff in sustainable style. I used to think that living sustainably meant a life of bland, minimalistic accessories. But that couldn’t be further …

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