10 Best Eco Friendly Travel Mugs for Coffee Lovers

Getting coffee from a local cafe is one of my life’s simple pleasures. The only thing better than sipping fresh, zero waste coffee on my work break is drinking it from an eco friendly travel mug.

But I didn’t always live this way. In fact, I’m sure I tossed hundreds of single use cups in the trash before I realized how much waste my love of Starbucks was generating.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of eco friendly travel mugs on the market. I’ve bought and gifted quite a few, and they work perfectly for ditching disposable cups or enjoying homebrewed coffee on the go.

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Why buy eco friendly coffee mugs?

Woman in white shirt holding glass reusable coffee mug.

If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you already know that disposable cups from coffee shops aren’t sustainable. But if you’re new to the zero waste movement, you might be surprised to learn that most paper coffee cups are made with a plastic coating, which means they can’t be recycled or composted.

Plus, nowadays a lot of cafes will actually give you a discount for using reusable coffee cups. That means you’re saving the planet and wearing less of a hole in your sustainable wallet.

A Quick Note About Bamboo Mugs: While bamboo is generally sustainable, cups made from bamboo resin have been linked to chemical leaching when very hot liquids are added. Thus, I won’t be recommending any bamboo travel mugs in this post (despite their continued popularity).

Whether you’re drinking strong coffee or herbal zero waste tea, these are the best eco friendly travel mugs for the job.

Best Eco Friendly Travel Mugs

#1. Hydro Flask Flex Sip Coffee Mug

This stainless steel coffee mug is perfect for travelers and people with long commutes.

It is leakproof, keeps drinks toasty warm for 4+ hours, and doesn’t taste tinny like some metal-based containers. Plus, the narrow body fits nicely into standard car cup holders.

I love that the cap has a strap for easy carrying. You can also attach it to the outside of a bag with a carabiner, which frees up precious interior space. It’s the perfect addition to a zero waste travel kit.

And if all that isn’t enough, you can swap out the wide mouth lid for a different style, including ones with straws or flip caps.

Hydro Flask is a sustainable company that’s all about creating useful and durable products for an active lifestyle. They are a partner of Parks For All, which works with NGOs to build, maintain, and restore public parks around the world.

#2. KeepCup

I received a beautiful teal KeepCup as a Christmas gift, and it’s become my go-to zero waste travel mug.

KeepCups are barista standard, meaning they are designed to fit perfectly under machine heads and enable that perfect pour we coffee lovers dream of. The company’s motto is “buy once, buy well”, so their durable products are made out of tempered glass (Brew) and stainless steel (Thermal).

I prefer the stainless steel Thermal version because it keeps my drink hot for longer. It’s also the more environmentally friendly option: after eight uses, the KeepCup Thermal has a lower impact than disposable cups (vs. 24 uses of the glass Brew cup).

Some people have complained that the lid comes unsealed, but I’ve never had that problem (probably because I don’t put the lid on immediately after filling the cup with boiling hot liquid).

#3. Joco Glass Eco Friendly Travel Mug

Joco loves the planet, which is why they don’t use any plastic in their designs. Their glass coffee mugs are made from non-porous glass and food grade silicone (for the lid and sleeve).

Using glass rather than stainless steel gives this eco friendly travel mug a sleek look. And there’s the added bonus of being able to see just how much coffee is left in your cup, so you know when it’s time to brew some more.

Rumor has it that the shape of the Joco mug allows for better mixing of sweeteners and prevents them from just sitting at the bottom. I can’t confirm if it’s true, but my coffee always tastes nice when I use my Joco mug!

#4. bioGo Cup

bioGo are all about making quality, reusable products we actually need using natural ingredients. This eco friendly coffee cup is made from rice husk fiber, making it one of the greenest options on the list.

Like most travel mugs, these aren’t 100% leakproof. But the flip function on the lid does prevent massive accidental spills.

Save me for later!

#5. YETI Rambler

YETI products are “built for the wild” by people who love the outdoors.

If you need an eco friendly travel mug that will survive being thrown around while you climb mountains or kayak to your destination, look no further. In fact, this stainless steel mug was created with you in mind.

The Rambler’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, making it perfect for cold brew or steamy lattes. Plus it’s dishwasher-safe, so you won’t spend five minutes furiously scrubbing every nook and cranny like other mugs I’ve used.

#6. Circular&Co Recycled Coffee Cup Mug

The Circular&Co recycled coffee cup mug is made from recycled single-use paper cups, which otherwise wind up in the landfill due to their plastic linings. And, like the cups they’re made of, this travel mug has 360º drinking capabilities, so it feels like drinking out of a large cup rather than a standard coffee cup lid.

It’s also completely leakproof (I’ve checked!)–just press the lid when you’re ready to drink. And remember to press it back in when you’re done!

Made in the UK, these mugs are designed to last for up to 10 years, and are 100% recyclable when they do reach the end of their life. They are melamie and BPA free and come in several different colors.

#7. Klean Kanteen Insulated Coffee Mug

This Klean Kanteen mug is made from stainless steel, and shatterproof, so you’ll never need to replace it if you don’t want to. But if you do, Klean Kanteen has a wide range of some of the best eco friendly coffee cups available – such as this mug with a built in straw for those who struggle to drink directly out of cups.

Plus, Klean Kanteen is a 1% for the planet company, meaning they donate 1% of their annual profits to environmental organizations.

#8. Fressko Camino Insulated Coffee Mug

Isolated image of grey and black Fressko eco friendly coffee mug.

Fressko’s simple and sleek eco friendly travel mug is perfect for anyone on the go. With a leakproof lid and a stainless steel body, it can pretty much withstand anything you throw at it on the day to day, all while keeping your drink nice and warm for up to 3 hours (and longer if it’s cold).

The Fressko philosophy is: Be kind to Mother Earth, to others, and to yourself. And that’s why all their products are BPA free, toxin free and 100% recyclable.

#9. UNIVERSAL TRAVELLER Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug

This gorgeous reusable coffee cup is one of the most eye-catching on the list! If you like the weight and feel of a ceramic mug at home and want one for when you’re on the go, this is the perfect option for you.

The base is made of ceramic and holds 16oz of tasty coffee, while the lid and sleeve are made of silicone. Everything is shipped in a recycled cardboard box that can be further recycled or composted. 

#10. HSC Reusable Coffee Cup

The HSC coffee mug is for all you volume drinkers out there. At 20oz, this stainless steel mug can hold enough coffee to power you through those long office meetings.

Because they’re designed with double insulation, you never have to worry about burning your hands. And that extra layer will help keep your drink hotter for longer. At the end of their life, these cups are 100% recyclable.

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