6 Best Eco Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaners + Tablets

There’s nothing more satisfying than a freshly cleaned bathroom. While harsh chemicals seem necessary to properly tackle the dirtiest job, there are a number of eco friendly toilet bowl cleaners and tablets that will leave your porcelain throne spotless.

We’re exposed to countless germs and toxins during our bathroom cleaning routines, and–surprisingly enough–traditional toilet cleaners only make matters worse.

It’s true. Commercial cleaning agents are full of chemicals that harm the environment and our health. 

Switching to a natural toilet bowl cleaner not only protects the health of your family, but also the environment. Plus, these products are just as effective as the kind that make the air unpleasant to breathe after use.

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Why Switch to Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner? 

A natural bathroom cleaner should do its job with zero side effects. Unfortunately, many commercial cleaning agents can harm us through inhalation. 

One of the main reasons is due to an active ingredient found in toilet cleaners called HCl. This chemical is not only corrosive to the skin and toxic if ingested, but also causes kidney damage, eye irritation, and respiratory tract irritation when inhaled.

If you’ve switched to zero waste living, chances are that you’re using vinegar in your homemade cleaning products. But if you’re still using bleach tablets or bleach-containing products as a cleaning agent, you’re asking for trouble.

When mixed together, bleach and acids like vinegar produce toxic chlorine gas fumes which can cause skin, nose, and eye irritation. In worse situations, it can cause vomiting, fluid in the lungs, pneumonia, and even death.

Things go from bad to worse when you look at the environmental impact of commercial cleaners. 

Most toilet cleaners contain chemicals like chlorine and ammonia, in addition to hydrochloric acid. While these agents are good at killing bacteria and keeping your toilet bowl clean, they also happen to get rid of good bacteria in the sewage system later on which would have otherwise helped in the breaking down of our waste.

Moreover, chlorine also reacts with organic substances found in nature to generate other dangerous compounds as well. 

Natural toilet bowl cleaners, on the other hand, are sustainable, convenient, and safe. They’re made in climate-friendly conditions, are plant-based, and avoid artificial fragrances and colors. Plus, they’re gentle enough for homes with a septic system.

What to Look for in an Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaner

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for eco friendly toilet bowl cleaners and tablets. 

Only choose products that use natural scents and essential oils rather than artificial fragrances.

Be mindful of artificial colors, phosphates, sulfates, and so on. Avoid cleaners with chlorine bleach, because as mentioned earlier, they’re harmful to you and the environment.

Additionally, the best options will be cruelty-free, utilize organic ingredients, and come in biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Ultimately, the best toilet bowl cleaner is one that doesn’t make you feel guilty every time you put it in the bowl.

Best Eco Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaners


Bottle of Ecover eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner next to grey rag against white tile.

Ecover is my preferred brand of toilet cleaner. It’s powerful enough to remove tough stains and limescale build-up without a lengthy soak, and the natural fragrances are pleasant without being overpowering.

It is completely plant and mineral-based, and I love that it’s packaged in a 100% recyclable plant plastic bottle.

A small amount goes a long way with this cleaner. However, I recommend letting it set it for a few minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush, especially if you have hard water.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation’s eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner is strong on dirt but gentle on the environment (and your septic tank). It is non-toxic, climate-conscious, and contains no ammonia, chlorine, or petroleum-based ingredients.

Primarily made with water, lactic acid, myristyl glucoside, and xanthan gum, all of its ingredients are plant-derived. Its fresh scent comes from plant-based essential oils and botanical extracts. 

Highly effective, this cleaner removes all dirt and stains with ease. The bottle is also biodegradable and you can either recycle it or throw it in your compost once it’s finished. 

Mrs. Meyer’s 

Available in lavender, lemon verbena, and other scented packs, Mrs. Meyer’s is a great environmentally-safe option for cleaning your toilet. 

This liquid toilet bowl cleaner, made from natural ingredients, is biodegradable and safe to use. The plant-based formula thoroughly cleans out your toilet bowl without harsh hydrochloric acid. 

Plus, it works in a flash! Just leave it in for 5-10 minutes, scrub, and flush. 

Lemi Shine

Bleach-free and citric acid-based, this toilet bowl cleaner is a certified favorite. 

The Lemi Shine toilet bowl cleaner is sustainable, climate-conscious and one of the best eco friendly options to consider. Its concentrated gel focuses on removing odors and effectively eliminating stains, with little to no effort. 

Leave it in for a while and marvel at how your bathroom emanates a lemony fresh smell long after you’re through with it. 

Best Eco Friendly Toilet Bowl Tablet: Blueland

Two hands holding eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner over wooden bowl.

Blueland’s plastic-free toilet cleaner tablet is mild and efficient. It’s free from all corrosive and toxic substances, and entirely bio-based. 

The container that it comes in is reusable and easy to store. You’ll also find that it takes up minimal space. 

Apart from being eco friendly, it’s also known for optimizing the entire cleaning process, making it the best eco friendly toilet bowl tablet available on the market. It’ll have impossible stains and rust vanishing in a jiffy. The instructions are simple–drop, brush, and flush. 

A plus point with this cleaner is the fragrance of vibrant lemony essential oils that will do away with your disdain for cleaning. Tested by sustainable third-party organizations, it’s guaranteed to work. And we daresay, with Blueland in your stash, you might soon begin to enjoy this task.

DIY Zero Waste Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

If you want to experiment with your own eco friendly options, you can try DIY zero waste toilet cleaners. They are organic, hassle-free, and easy to make. Moreover, you’ll probably have the ingredients lying around at home already. 

The best natural alternative you can use is baking soda and white vinegar. Pour equal parts (about one cup) of each into the toilet, let it sit, and then scrub. The vinegar will help eliminate any odor and disinfect your toilet bowl. Citric acid or lemon juice also does the job. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to up your game, you can try this DIY method: 

  1. Combine 1 cup distilled white vinegar and ½ teaspoon tea tree essential oil. Spray onto the lid, seat, and inside the toilet bowl. Let it sit.
  2. After the cleaning spray has been sitting for a while, sprinkle about ½ cup of baking soda inside the bowl. 
  3. Scrub the bowl, and clean the solution off the seat and lid with a dry cloth. 

The tea tree oil works as an antibacterial disinfectant, while the vinegar and baking soda clean off minerals and residue.

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